The Benefits Of Having An Art Studio Shed In Your Backyard

Art Studio Shed - The Benefits Of Having One In Your Backyard


There are many different benefits to having an art studio shed, in this post, we will discuss the many different benefits that getting an art studio shed can bring. These are factors like improved lifestyle and property value. Let’s discuss art studio sheds for sale and how having one in your backyard has many different benefits.

Increased Creative Productivity

One obvious benefit that is going to come with having an Art Studio Shed in your backyard is the increased productivity that will come from it. It can sometimes depend on what you’re doing but normally people who go into their art studio shed for a while can expect some more productivity from that because they can rest assured that you won’t be destined by people in your own property.

Having a small Art Studio Shed in the backyard of your property can give you the increased productivity that you might need. As well as this, the Solocore Power Cube 5000 can keep your shed powered up through the night as well, with roof solar panels that store energy in the SoloCore Power Cube battery.

Reduced Distractions and Increased Focus

Having a small dedicated space for your work can really increase your focus and lead to way fewer distractions than in a library, workplace, or your own home. With little in the way of noise and light, you can be happy knowing that you won’t be disturbed using this advanced product.

Improved Organization and Storage Space

The allowance for storage options and extra organization means you can keep equipment and utilities nearby, whilst also not sacrificing space or aesthetics. The simple nature of the art studio shed means you can slip small furniture, cabinets, and more in the space with you whilst also maintaining a great work environment.

For artists, hobbyists and people who store and use a lot of small equipment, this really might be a game changer, as the storage and organization are great reasons to purchase the Solocore Power Cube 5000.

Art Studio Shed - The Benefits Of Having One In Your Backyard

Increased Property Value

Another reason you might want to purchase the Solocore Power Cube 5000 is the fact that it will most likely increase your property value by a substantial amount. Building a small art studio shed in your backyard is going to increase its overall value and since you are going to be using the art studio shed a lot more than you would any other product it makes a great investment for your property in the long run.

The battery feature will add to the value of the investment because the Solocore Power Cube 5000 uses solar power technology to power its battery unit to heat your art studio shed, and power electronic devices, and facilities for other power-related uses.

Convenient and Accessible Work Space

Having a Solocore Power Cube 5000 in your backyard allows for many different uses and benefits. An example is the fact that going to the gym would be a really easy option, since all you have to do is install some gym equipment and you have your own personal backyard gym, saving time from going to and from the gym as well as saving money paying for a membership. Getting an art studio shed in your backyard using the SOLOCORE POWERCUBE 5000 could be a great way to take advantage.

Another use would be a small music studio. Music studio engineers charge around $30+ for an hour, and over time, that can add up to really take an impact on your budget. This is where the Solocore Power Cube 5000 comes in, as with solar power you can expect your studio to be powered as much as possible, saving you tons of money from going to a normal studio as the Solocore Power Cube 5000 allows you to build your own!

Increased Opportunities for Collaboration and Networking

A small art studio shed in your backyard would also allow for some collaborations and networking, as depending on how you set it up, your art studio shed could be used for networking with guests and prospects. As we said before, the possibilities with the Solocore Power Cube 5000 are endless.

You can easily host a small gathering in your art studio shed and showcase new products, demos, films, products, and even your own wine, since the Solocore Power Cube 5000 allows for a small wine fridge to be running at nighttime. There are many different uses that the Solocore Power Cube 5000 can bring for a property. The art studio shed is just one example of that.

Flexibility for Various Art Forms

A second point to add about the Solocore Power Cube 5000 is that it allows for so many different uses, such as different art forms. Conventional art such as painting and drawing is great for an art studio shed, and the Solocore Power Cube 5000 will let you do this. Another form of art could be designing, music producing, recording, or even podcasts.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Finally, another great reason to consider getting an art studio shed using the Solocore Power Cube 5000 is the improved work-to-life balance that it will promote and incorporate.

Having a small retreat in your backyard or property which allows you to retire when you need to is a great way to do this. Instead of having to ram in hours to travel for the gym, or make time when the kids are at school, you can simply go to your art studio shed and get on with your work.

Get your own art studio shed using the Solocore Power Cube 5000

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