The Benefits of Having an Affordable Backyard Studio

affordable backyard studio


An affordable backyard studio is something that most people living at home might overlook. It may be too expensive, not worth installing, or there are better alternatives. Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s a much better way to enjoy yourself with a backyard studio. In this post, we’ll go over the benefits of having an affordable backyard studio, and of course, introduce the SoloCore PowerCube 5000 and discuss why an affordable modern shed has its many benefits.

Increased productivity: how a dedicated space boosts creativity

Of course, one of the ways in which a dedicated space can help you and increase productivity is that it boosts creativity. Getting a break from your housemate, children, partner, or even your pet allows you to go to a place that transcends the very reality we live in. It allows you to take time away from the many issues and hazards daily life presents and this is where you become your most creative.

This is why an affordable backyard studio is a great place to start. This is really important if you’re an artist, music producer, musician, writer or work any job that requires this. Fortunately for you, we’re on our way to making something that overshadows the average shed or conservatory, and that’s why the SoloCore PowerCube 5000 is one of the best investments for people who love their own personal space while working.

Cost-effective solution: Save Money by Building in Your Backyard

Another aspect to consider is of course the cost. But don’t worry, we’ve got that covered. You’re most likely wondering how this workspace is going to fare in the winter, and that’s where the battery comes into play. For a start, during the summer months, you can rest assured that the cube is going to be powered with no downtime. This is due to the solar panels on the roof which conveniently charge up the battery for lighting, air con, and any other electrical use you could think of.

Secondly, in the winter months, the sun will, of course, be slightly impeded, but you’ll still get the eclectic you require. More importantly, this power input is small, and allows for multiple appliances, meaning you can use it for gaming, writing, exercising, and many other things. Overall, this is going to save you so much time and money, and make your working day 10x more productive as well.

Our affordable backyard studio has a customizable design

Creating a space that suits your specific needs has never been easier with our affordable backyard studio. As we previously mentioned, a home gym, music space, writing area and so on has never been more achievable. Libraries are often loud and non-private, gyms are crowded and costly, and writing in your own home can be hard if your partner loves watching TV, or your kids (like all kids) love running around and playing.

That’s why you need your own affordable backyard studio as this can provide a gateway into the realm that most people with a house can’t experience due to the reasons I outlined above. You can add your own desks, mats, shelves etc and fully accommodate them to your own personal needs.

For example, do you want to have your own mini-bar? Complete with a wine bottle stand, shelves and a small refrigerator? Look no further than the affordable backyard studio! There are so many different uses for an affordable modern shed, and there is certainly something for everyone. As we mentioned previously, this is a great investment.

Convenient access: enjoy easy access to your workspace anytime

The great thing about the SoloCore PowerCube 5000, is that it works in the same way as an affordable modern shed, but with many advanced benefits and features. With the Convenient access of a simple shed in your back garden, but with all of the modern luxuries of a small apartment, this investment for your backyard or property, can stand out from buying a pool, hot tub or any other house upgrade.

Secondly, there is another aspect to consider. Since there are many numerous possibilities, a great thing to consider with the SoloCore PowerCube 5000, is the fact that it could be used for a gaming room. This is especially important and useful if you have young children. And since many children nowadays love to play video games, having a small affordable modern shed outside, can serve this purpose.

This will allow them to play their games in a safe place, with modern convinces, whilst secluding the shouting and arguing that can sometimes come with video games (especially online ones) to SoloCore PowerCube 5000. All they need do is slip on their shoes or slippers, and walk outside to the affordable backyard studio, leaving you to get on with whatever you need to do. This is just one convenient, and effective use for the SoloCore PowerCube 5000, but of course, there are many more.

Added property value: boost your home’s resale value with a studio

Another aspect to consider about this affordable backyard studio is of course the fact that once it’s been constructed, it’s going to add some value to your actual property.

Just think about it, if you’re a musical artist and you’re looking for a house, a great selling point for an estate agent would be this house features an affordable backyard studio where he can record music, relax, and generate ideas. And of course, if that’s not the case, the space can be used for many different things.

So, as I mentioned previously, buying an affordable modern shed such as the SoloCore PowerCube 500 is not only an obviously great decision but a wise investment. Just have a think about all the uses that this product could provide. There are many, and we will list them at the end of the article.

An affordable backyard studio can provide a private & distraction-free environment

If you’re an artist, musical producer, writer, or work in any other creative space, then an affordable backyard studio such as the SoloCore Power Cube 5000 is for you. This is because it’s a great place to relax and switch off while you let all your ideas come to you.

Being in shared living or a noisy household can make these things near impossible. Thanks to the benefits of an affordable modern shed, these issues are eliminated completely.

Moreover, it becomes a place for relaxation, as you can create a retreat for rest and self-reflection. Simply law down a mat, install a small low-level table and place some intense in a holder, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful space to meditate in peace.

An Eco-Friendly affordable modern shed

A final benefit to people who care deeply about renewable energy is the fact that the SoloCore PowerCube 5000 features and is powered by a solar panel on the roof, which charges the battery and makes owning this affordable modern shed all the more fantastic.

Although the solar panels are the SoloCore PowerCube 5000‘s main feature, there are so many other aspects to consider when buying this affordable backyard studio that we have not covered. A full non-exhaustive list of uses can be found below. Just remember that you can enjoy sustainable and efficient building practices with the SoloCore PowerCube 5000.

Is an affordable backyard studio a good idea?

As we’ve just covered, this product is not only a great addition to your house or property, but it’s a wonderful and wise investment. It’s powered by solar energy, meaning you really have to worry about keeping the lights on, and of course, it can be used for so many different things that there is bound to be one that makes it perfect for you and your individual situation.

Get in touch with us now with us and book a free call: SoloCore PowerCube 5000 Book a call. Secondly, you can secure your spot on the waiting list: SoloCore PowerCube 5000 waiting list.

Potential uses for the SolarCore Power Cube 5000

  • Home Gym
  • Meditation space
  • Gaming room
  • Relaxation area
  • Mini bar
  • Art lounge
  • Music production room
  • Movie room
  • Yoga room
  • Pantry
  • Simple workspace/office
  • Room for conducting online meetings
  • Storage room

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